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Hard Rock solo Guitarist.


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= official contact / 공연 연주 제휴 문의 =
: zorzybear@gmail.com

Let me introduce my friends nice coffee bar :




ZBEAR's Albums (ZBEAR의 앨범들)

= Album Unfinished Fight 1 (끝나지 않은 싸움 1) =


= Album Unfinished Fight 2 (끝나지 않은 싸움 2) =

= And Single Albums (그리고 싱글 앨범들) =






ZBEAR album Listening ( 지베어 앨범 듣기 )
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1. app

(UnFinished fight 1)

Android mobiles : Apple Mobiles :

-------------------------------------------------------- (UnFinished fight 2)

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2. cd - (recommand for car listening)

- Global Open Market -

(Gmarket is ebay Korea)

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3. Streaming

*ZBear’s Thoughts on Internet Music Streaming (english )
*인터넷 스트리밍 듣기에 대한 ZBEAR의 생각 (KOREAN)



ZBEAR's Gigs. Lives. Tours Inform'
(ZBEAR 공연, 라이브, 투어 정보)

If you want to check out more details, click the entry of schedule's each contents. 달력에 있는 일정 제목을 클릭하시면 자세한 내용을 확인하실 수 있습니다.




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